The Day of the Gala


A Painted Narrative

Wake up, look out the window, and enjoy that beautiful sunshine. Soak it in. You’re going to have a great day full of entertainment, drinks and hors d'oeuvre, and - most importantly - supporting the art you love!

As you ready yourself for the gala, make sure you feel comfortable. Forgo the high heels and wear those comfortable, cute flats that have been hiding in the closet, or those waterproof boots (we know you have them - you live in Seattle). Leave the tuxedo at home and slip on a pair of khakis or jeans. You’ll have the opportunity to walk around quite a bit as you roam the grounds, discovering exciting giving opportunities and performances around every corner.

After you’ve park your car on the street or after you get out of your taxi (or Lyft, or Uber - it is 2017, after all), you’ll notice a sign on the side of a driveway that says 9343 Fauntleroy. There will be balloons as well pointing you in the right direction if you have any doubts. Walk a few feet up the driveway to be greeted by our amazing volunteers and head left on a short path to your check-in destination.

You’ll come upon a beautiful tent. Within that tent you’ll see servers with trays of food and drinks galore and a table with fascinating information about our 2017-2018 season. Within that tent you’ll pass incredible silent auction items and a golden ticket station - but don’t get too distracted! Before you can make that kayaking trip yours you’ll have to check-in to receive your bid number.

At check-in you’ll receive a few items. After giving your name to our volunteer, you’ll receive your bid number and table number (if you are a Dinner guest), you’ll get a stack of bid "money" with your bid number, a pen, and you’ll receive a pamphlet with information about the evening’s events. At this point, Dinner guests should take a moment to visit their table in the dinner tent to set down your purse, or jacket. If you don’t know where to go have no fear! A volunteer is just a few feet away waiting to answer your questions.

After check-in, the next hour and a half is up to you! From 5:30pm to 7pm you’ll have the opportunity to explore and examine the grounds of the Colman Estate. Here’s what you’ll find along the way!

Throughout the trees and gardens of the estate you’ll see local actors performing pieces from Gertrude Stein’s Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights. There is no order to these performances and each piece stands on its own. Pretend like you’re walking in a museum and curate your own experience!

These performances are where your bid "money" comes in handy! When you see a performance that moves you and makes you feel compelled to support ArtsWest, write in a denomination on your bid "money" and place it in the receptacle stationed at each performance. If you can’t see it or have any questions don’t be shy! Ask one of our knowledgeable volunteers.  

While exploring, you may also notice someone with balloons roaming around. For just $25, you can take a chance on winning theater tickets to a show in Seattle, a gift certificate to some incredible restaurants, and more. Just pop the balloon and see what’s inside!

By now, you’ve probably emerged from the thicket of trees and noticed the beautiful home located on the Colman Estate. Lining the home you’ll find the second silent auction! Take some time to discover amazing experiences and once-in-a-lifetime trips. Once you’ve placed your bid on your favorite items, you’ll find there’s more to discover.

If you take the path on the side of the home to the back you’ll discover more performances and a place to refill your cup. As you enjoy your glass of wine you may notice a few ArtsWest volunteers alerting everyone that the first silent auction is coming to a close.

As the second silent auction comes to a close you’ll have a few more moments to look around and discover. At 7pm you’ll hear our volunteers call the Cocktail portion of the evening to a close.

Complete your path around the home and revisit the check-in tent to ensure you’ll be taking your favorite auction packages home. From there, you'll set off on another path and experience a different type of journey.

Once you hear that call make your way to the dinner tent. At dinner you can expect to find a delicious meal, wine, and more opportunities to make a difference waiting for you.

Bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences during the live auction, show your heartfelt support during our raise the paddle, sip on one-of-a-kind drinks while bidding on drink trays, and round out your meal with an incredible dessert during our dessert dash.

As the meal comes to a close, that doesn’t mean the night is over for everyone! Head on back to the check-in tent for a night of dancing. Or if you are tuckered out and full from an extravagant meal, make your way to our check-out station where you can pick up your auction items.

No matter what time you leave, you can reflect on a night full of memories: when you outbid someone else on a unique auction item. When you saw a performance that took your breath away. No matter what, you can leave knowing that you supported ArtsWest.