The dress code for the evening is casual. We want you to feel comfortable while you explore the Colman Estate during the first part of the event. Flat shoes are encouraged. 


There are 3 restrooms located on the estate. Two restrooms are located just inside the Colman Estate home and a third is located inside the garage. Please look to posted signs for directions - or ask one of our volunteers!


We're expecting a sunny day, but in the case of inclement weather you will be provided with an ArtsWest umbrella. Please check the weather in advance and wear appropriate shoes in the case of rain. In the case of rain, all tents will be walled.


If you're not using a taxi or a ride share service, you'll find plenty of street parking near the Colman Estate.

Please note: the only space off limits is the private side road that leads to the adjacent gated community.

Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights - A Unique, Immersive Event

The ArtsWest staging will divide the piece and disperse it across the grounds of the Colman Estate. Each division can be seen and experienced in any order. We will leave it up to you to curate your experience, much as you would curate your experience in an art gallery. As you explore and experience Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights, you'll discover new and familiar ways to support innovative, compelling theatre

Who is Gertrude Stein?

An American novelist, poet, and playwright, Gertrude Stein created numerous modernist and avant-garde works throughout the 20th century. An international celebrity and self-proclaimed genius, Gertrude Stein once said, "Einstein was the creative philosophic mind of the century, and I have been the creative literary mind of the century."

In Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights, Stein examined identity and how we define who we are. Stein's own life was an exploration of identity: she was a woman, a writer, a lesbian, and a famous personality. Fittingly, questions of gender identity, sexual identity, and personal ego run strongly through this non-linear play.

Dr. Faustus... looks at not only the multiplicity of identity, but also the multiplicity of narrative structure. Since its premiere in 1951, Dr. Faustus... has been produced by Robert Wilson, The Wooster Group, Yale, and more, and has taken on multiple forms throughout its various iterations - including the unique form you will experience on June 17.